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Still Moment Meditation

Find peace - moment by moment


Why just a 'STILL MOMENT'?

Meditation and mindfulness are beautiful ways to calm and focus the mind and body. But my clients often report that its 'too difficult' to be 'in the now' - or mindful - all the time. So I teach 'still moment' breathing. This brings your attention to the many still moments in each breathing cycle. We can all be still for just a moment - that's not too much to ask. We can all be 'in the now' for just a moment.

I use this technique as a way in to other meditation and mindfulness practices.

What is the STILL MOMENT?

Many philosophies and traditions recognise the breath as sacred. It is the first thing you do when you are born – breathe in - and the last thing this body ever does for you – is breathe out.

Our breath is a sacred gift – it is the gift of life.

And, it is a gift that comes in a cycle, it has its rhythm

And within each rhythm of breath -  as beats within the rhythm - we are gifted two further sacred  jewels – the still moments

In these still moment we are neither coming nor going. We want for nothing, we need nothing, We are fully present and complete, We have no past to trouble us, We have no future to worry us, We look neither back nor forward, We are not remembering, We are not striving,In this one tiny moment, there is no where to be but here, nothing to do, but be.

We can harness the countless still moments in our day to access the peaceful heart we all seek


Still Moment breathing meditation allows you to find stillness and peace in the moment by moment now.

In my workshops we use the Still Moment breathing technique as a way in to a variety of meditation techniques. We explore sitting, standing, prone and moving techniques and led meditations, concentration, awareness without attachment and visualisation meditations.You will experience a variety of meditation techniques which you can put in to practice in your daily life. 




The workshop schedule for 2018 has not yet been set as I have just relocated to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia- please email me if you are interested in conducting a workshop at your home or workplace


Balm for the busy mind: quieting your busy mind with meditation

Chakra meditations. Centre and align your energy

 Playing with stress and anxiety

 Self awareness, compassion, kindness

Being open to joy

Workshops are can be tailored to your needs, from 1 - 2.5 hours.






Caring for your staff


Talk to me about how you can contribute to the WELLBEING of your staff and increase their focus and concentration through Meditation Workshops and ongoing meditation sessions. All employers know that high morale, good focus and well being in a workplace will contribute significantly to efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. 

In the modern age, Leaders,  Executives and Managers must be particularly skilled at working in high stress environments. I offer individualized MEDITATION MENTORING AND COACHING as well as group sessions particularly focused on  stress management, focus and clarity for executives, leaders and managers.

I am presently based in the Mornington Peninsula Australia and can work with your staff face to face and online.

Contact me at the contact page to discuss your needs


I can tailor your meditation practice specifically for you. I work to understand exactly what you need in any one session and pace your meditation practice and your learning accordingly. In this way you can find a deeper practice. You can work with me privately or in a small group. Face to face (where possible) and online. An individual 30 minute session will normally be $60.



You can use the form below to contact me, or the email  elke@elkeemerald.com

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